SIM Card Seizure

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SIM Card Seizure is a digital forensic investigation tool developed by Paraben to get all information from a GSM Sim card and convert them into a readable format. This powerful software program is used to recover hidden details and deleted messages and information from a valid SIM card. This kind of software program has been used by forensic experts but now it is available for general users also. It has the ability to perform advance analysis and generates detailed reports. The report generated also includes a list of placed calls and received calls. SIM Card Seizure can be used as a recovery as well as a backup tool as it has the capability to recover deleted text messages and other vital information.

SIM Card Seizure has been specifically designed to provide a extremely useful tool for forensic experts and general users for recovering vital details from a GSM SIM card. SIM Card Seizure software program comes with a forensic SIM card reader to interface the SIM card with this software program. The features include: Search functions, calculate MD5 and SHA1 hash values, bookmarking options, recovers deleted SMS data, report creation wizard, time stamps calculate GMT offsets and paraben's 24hr support. A standard GSM SIM card contains 64k data and SIM Card Seizure doesn't take much time to get all data and parse them to readable format.

SIM Card Seizure is compatible with Windows 7/8, Windows XP/Vista, Windows 98/2000/2003/NT and Windows Me. Additionally you require the SIM card reader device for interfacing purpose. After the installation you will be able to use its features. Whenever required put the SIM card in the USB SIM card reader and insert it into the USB port of the computer and after that run the software to recover all details from the SIM card. This is a very popular forensic software program to fetch hidden and deleted data from all kind of GSM SIM cards.