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Computers, especially those which are used publicly such as computers at cyber cafes and libraries, strongly need monitoring by the assigned system manager. There is one excellent tool which can monitor and record every single mouse movement on the screen and it is called ScreenMon. This is used as a remote surveillance tool and is capable of recording the activities on the screen at all times. It stores the recordings in separate WMV files which can be stored for later viewing. It has in built options for scheduling the recordings and it can be told exactly what it needs to capture on camera and its perfect algorithms do not let it fail!

The need for monitoring and capturing screen activity is tremendous lest sensitive and confidential information gets into the hand of malicious users. It requires considerable application of algorithm and according to millions worldwide, ScreenMon has it all. It is small, compact and brand new in the market. It has very good and advanced algorithms which allow it to monitor every single mouse movement, pointing and clicking and keyboard actions happening on the screen at any time. It can also record chats sent through instant messaging and website content which are displayed on the screen while it is on the fly.

ScreenMon has the following integrated features which make it such as great software in its category and maybe even the best: it can be customized to start monitoring even from the point of startup of Windows, it can record those into WMV files which are video files which make it easy for viewing purposes later on, it can be automated to be turned off as well and exactly what to be captured, the various attributes of the video such as quality and frame rate can also be decided. In short, ScreenMon is nothing less than awesome.

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