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NVS IP Recording Software is recording software with features that connect up to 8 networking cameras and streamline videos for direct download to your computer. With this useful recording software you will be able to search video recordings and can also create customized recording schedules and control closed circuit television cameras with your mouse or media controlled remote control. This software serves as an excellent choice for video surveillance with motion detectors, mini viewing and functional viewing. NVS IP Recording Software helps to focus on your business to change for the better. This is compatible with Windows XP operating system.

NVS IP Recording Software is capable of recording and displaying excellent high quality images and videos captured by its megapixel cameras. This software package supports network video recordings and allows the operator to view the videos or images live. It also helps in recording and playback for up to 8 IP cameras per installed system. NVS is capable of supporting the connection for a variety of network cameras and video servers. This software can be very useful for supporting banking, retail and transportations thus satisfying the requirement of ensuring security to the ultimate level.

NVS software is quick and easy to install and is ready for immediate use just after its installation and setting up of the IP Cameras. It provides a complete functional reliability by recording videos for any situation with its special built in motion detection feature. In addition to the recording feature all its IP cameras can be used in live monitoring. NVS IP Recording Software is uniquely designed to work under administrative systems. Each of its users can be assigned user rights and each user can be granted access to certain functions. With all its exceptional features NVP IP Recorder is highly trustable for video recording to ensure security.

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