Download Norton Online Family Premier

Norton, the makers of anti-virus software’s has done it yet again by helping parents keep their families safe from online threats of indecent content, cyber bullies and predators. Norton Online Family Premier is easy to install with an interface that is not cluttered with unnecessary graphics or ads, making it easy to navigate through the interface. It is compatible with PCs, Macs and android devices. You will need to install the software on each device you wish to monitor, but you can log in from anywhere and check up on your kids. The software allows you to create individual accounts for each child you wish to monitor.

Norton Online Family Premier monitors your child’s activity on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. While not giving your direct access to your children’s account, the software keeps track of their interactions with friends and records their searches. The software lets you set ‘house rules’ for each individual child. However, these house rules are only created after mutual agreement between the child and the parent. As a safeguard from predators, the software lets you restrict some of the personal information about the child, like social security and telephone numbers.

The software has an excellent reporting capability. It lets you designate when and how you are alerted to any issues. You are always alerted when a child sends or receives inappropriate messages over the net, or shares sensitive personal information. Summaries of your child’s online activities are organized by category. The software marks the date, time and description of the activity on the Social tab, and all violations on the Alerts Tab. This categorization helps you scan and find relevant information easily. Norton Online Family Premier also reports what your kids are searching online and what videos they are watching. All this makes Norton Online Family Premier a good monitoring software for all.

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