Download HT Employee Monitor

HT Employee Monitor is a best in class surveillance application that comes as a handy tool for the supervisor or employer for monitoring activities of their employees. The monitoring features and the reporting mechanism deployed in this tool ensure that the overall productivity of the organization improves and above all accountability is established for all actions. It acts as a deterrent control against data leakage and confidentiality breach. This tool allows a boss to monitor all actions of his team, located at a remote location, by sitting just at his office.

This tool needs to be loaded in all the computers you wish to monitor. The tool is designed to monitor and record all activities such as keystrokes, web pages visited, overall time spend at the PC, executables and programs launched, etc. The tool has the provision to capture the screenshots or to take the video input of any particular activity. The flexibility is that the activities to be captured are configurable remotely by the boss. This surveillance tool has excellent reporting mechanism with lots of options available to generate flexible reports according to requirement. Apart from the monitoring features, it also has preventive mechanism like blocking specific application such as instant messengers, sports / news/ entertainment sites, online chats, etc. All these controls will ensure that the employees do not misuse the system and net connectivity, but can concentrate on their job, thereby increasing productivity.

This is a free to trial software application with a moderate license fee. The file size is very nominal with around 6 MB of hard disk requirement. This application works on all Window Desktop OS versions and does not require any specific system requirements. This application is categorized under employee productivity software and can operate on systems with just 128 MB RAM. This application will certainly let you prevent and report any non work related activities on the system.

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