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Golden Eye is a spyware application, on the positive side, targeted for domestic usage on a small scale and not for large scale enterprise usage. It is more like a private investigator or monitor for system activities of your children, spouse, or employee. This software can be assumed to be a camera fitted to your systems monitor, which enables you to view all actions happening on the system. It tracks almost all activities on the system, including keystrokes, Memory contents, History of the websites visited, details of applications and programs used during a particular period, documents viewed and edited, and finally the details of instant messaging.

There are still more features implemented in this application for monitoring purpose. You can configure the application to take screenshots at regular intervals, say every 60 seconds. By this you will be able to view the approximate contents used by the target. The most important feature to mention about this tool is that it protects itself against discovery by smart users. This tool will not appear in the Task Manager and also in the Add /Remove program list of the control panel. The application requires a password when prompted to be uninstalled or for doing any configuration changes. By these controls, you as a monitor can ensure that the target cannot play with the application or you.

The application is designed with a well defined interface but the data display window is too tight and cramped. There is a provision to provide all reports in an HTML format. However, the application does not support the transfer of these reports via email or through FTP usage. This drawback restricts the application to be used on a single system model; thereby, limiting the usage of applications at homes and at small business enterprises only.

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