G3 iSam Keylogger

Download G3 iSam Keylogger

G3 iSam Keylogger software was developed by Triple G3 software developer. It is considered as the best key logger software in world. This is available at totally free of cost. This is also one type of watchdog for your PC, because this software watches each and every activity going on in your PC intently. Every single keystroke is recorded and thus it records all events that take place in your computer. Even if there are certain files and folders which are protected by passwords, this software helps to track even such files also. It takes screenshots of all activities which are going on your PC and saves them.

Sometimes one might wonder what the need there is for keeping all keystrokes and click of mouse in your PC. In ordinary circumstances, there is no need for such things, but there are some special cases when you need to take such precautions, especially when you are giving your system to someone else for using. It works somewhat like a video camera which records each and every activity that takes place in a given place and reproduces the same when it is played again. It helps user to get all details of those who have gone through the system and whatever they have done with the system.

Newest version of this software is a 2.9.1 version and it runs properly on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Vista. So far more than 9500 people have downloaded this unique software and installed it on their PC. It helps you to keep track of what activities have been done with your PC by someone else who uses it or some activities that you have done earlier and forgotten now. This is such a software which protects PC from offline threats. There are many software to protect a PC from online threats, but software which protects systems from offline threats like this one are very few.