Download Betfilter

Online gambling or placing bets is a serious addiction amongst a wide array of people who regularly do the same out of sheer habit rather than to gain something. In this process of gambling they often lose vital stuff and hence to prevent people from this awful addiction, security software developers Cimulex A/S have developed Betfilter. Betfilter has the sole objective of preventing users from gambling online or offline, electronically. Once installed, it discretely stays in the background for the license period, which is one or two years generally, and cannot be installed within this period of time. It does its job in a very secret fashion and helps users get rid of the irritating and devastating habit of gambling.

Betfilter is built in with the most advanced technology in the field of detection of illicit content. It can easily detect when a user tries to gain access to online betting site or other such applications and prevents them from opening on the whole. It does this job very discretely and hence the gambler gets no idea about the hurdle that he must overcome in order to be able to place his bets once again. It is perhaps the best tool for this purpose and is recommended by the world’s top anti-gambling organizations, not due to its fame but due to its efficiency which has helped it attain such fame.

Betfilter has the following key features built in to it and provides it with an upper hand when it comes to competing with others in its category: advanced anti-gambling algorithms packed in, easy to user interface, compatibility with all versions of the Windows operating system, a free trial pack to test its efficiency. On the whole, Betfilter is a great software which helps family members get rid of the betting habits of their beloved ones.