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007 Spy Software is developed by e-spy software and is a monitoring software for detecting the activities performed by others on your system. This application works in stealth mode by not making itself available either in the Task Manager or in Add / Remove program list. Also it ensures secrecy by running in the background, without consuming much of the system resources, thereby making no big difference in the usual running format. The tool has facility to provide the log details of all actions and activity of the target user, either by email or by FTP process. The details of the log includes details such as keystrokes typed, emails sent and received, files accessed, username and password typed, websites visited, and all the chat details through chat windows such as MSN, AIM, and ICQ.

This tool also allows the user to set timing for regular snapshot of the screen to ensure that later reviewing will provide a complete picture of the activity performed by the target user. This facility provides almost a video like log for the monitor to review the actions. This is similar to having a CCTV camera pointed at the system monitor. The Blocking and control feature of this tool is unique in many ways when compared to similar competitors. The reporting mechanism and options provided in this tool is certainly to industry standards and market expectations.

Though the manufacturers claim that the tool logs both instant messaging and chats, actually the tool is only registering the key strokes and forms a rough log. The user needs to search through these key strokes content to find any particular actions, which is time consuming and tedious. Also, it has to be kept in mind that this software only captures those actions on the system alone and not the responses received from the other end, in case of an IM or chat. This tool may not be as powerful as some other tools in the market, but is certainly a good one to be used to monitor actions of your employees and children.

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