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The software expertise deals with malware detection to an amazingly good level. Other major features include Endpoint Protection, the Firewall currently puts all the ports into stealth. The Firewall has blocked some of the exploits including the simple ability for a local backup. This feature is responsible for tuning the system of the settings up ending up in cleaning the unnecessary files from the system. If you go for any K7 product, definitely make sure to go for the antivirus, it works out quite well and is definitely the best part of the suite they offer.

Other components include running the gamut beginning at just the Ok mode to something really awful. This definitely is not the mega-suite which you want. This quite exquisite offering from the people at K7 computing which did some great job on the overall although it needs to work on cleaning up the mess to quite some level. The software’s present version does an amazing job at what it has been designed for but cleaning up the malware detecting.

Most components in the security suite do not even come close. The suite possesses same flame orange background which stands as the main window which naturally has the ability to reflect add security components which have been in turn added on to the security components in the following program. Each of its 6 major areas of security gets the status band to be of some particular color such as yellow, green or red in color which indicates the status of the area particularly. As noted this antivirus protection which is exactly of the same kind as the K7 antivirus Plus. Most of their independent labs have a high rating as with the ways of the world. So, in short it is indeed a great software with some nice set of features to impress its users.

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