Zprotect Professional

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Zprotect Professional is software protection application developed and published by PEGaurd Technologies. This tool mainly protects your product against all forms of cracking and reverse engineering attempts. The many features of the cracking tools and schemes available in the market have been well studied by the developers of this tool and corresponding anti cracking features are incorporated in to this product.

This product uses state of the art encryption techniques and data compression concepts to ensure that the cracker tools are not able to figure out the keys required for accessing the license details of the product. The high bit encryption technology and the in depth compression technology makes it very difficult for breaking the keys using the traditional cracking tools and schemes. The tool allows developers of an application to add a robust key registration scheme in to their application without even changing one bit of their code. The tool itself will inject the software protection module in to your application without bothering you on any further code change. All these will require not more than five minutes of processing time.

There are many software protection applications in the market. This tool differs from all other products by its code processing capability and key registration features. The latest version of this tool provides new features to process any unexpected exceptions. To run your business profitably and ensure that the returns for all the hard work flow without interruptions, you need to protect your software from Key crackers and a tool like this will certainly help. There is a commercial demo version for trying the tool and the product can be purchased for a moderate cost. This tool runs on all Windows OS flavors and does not require any other special requirements.