Download WinZip – Zip UnZip Tool for PC Windows

Winzip is considered as world's no 1 zip utility. It makes compressed file easy to handle. Both Zip and ZipX files could be created and mailed. The compressed file could be opened and further saved. These files could come from an incoming mail, opened from a SD memory card and downloaded from a web page.

Encryption could also be used in order to protect and save certain important files. The UI is streamlined. This WinZip application makes it extremely easy to create, zip and send files. All archive files could easily be transferred via email.

It is useful in Unzipping, 7Z files, RAR files and ZipX files. Some of the Zip files could be created with 128 and 256 bit AES Encryption. It also has 3rd Party integration and File support. It could send Excel Spreadsheet, Word Documents, PDF Files and Power Documents. All materials could be reviewed safely. All other file formats could also be saved.

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