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The problem of running on a large network is usually the difficulty of tracking down the users and their activities precisely. So you never do get to know what the users are up to. All of us hear stories sometime or later about employees getting to download lewd content from the internet through software like BitTorrent in their work-time or even spending throughout the day by talking drivel on the Messenger. The software, Switch Sniffer is there to put the network administrator back into charge through the techniques of allowing the people to control and monitor all the communications taking place over the LAN.

You end up with lots of information regarding the state of the network that you are at presently besides revealing the total number of users who are connected at any point of time. You can also successfully monitor the amount of traffic that each one is actually handling and is getting generated per person. When this traffic generation reaches a level beyond the alarming rate or your desirable rate, you can take steps to warn the member or check on the data that he has posted on to download.

The IP address would give you all the necessary information which you are expecting in return. There are plenty of options which act as controlling that includes the ability of blocking a single user or two restricting the communications in some way or the other, as desired by you. You can further analyze the files with the help of the software or otherwise as desired regarding the ones which have been received or transferred. This information about network-traffic is expected to perform quite well though despite the ease with which it can be used it is designed specifically for the users solely. So you get an extraordinary package at a desired price.

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