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SecExMail Gate is a corporate security software which encrypts and decrypts any email on your networking system creating ultimate security for the corporate emails. It got launched in the market on June 2003 by Bytefusion. This is a server based email proxy server which integrates with the already existing corporate structure and functions in conjunction with your existing mail server. SecExMail Gate acts as a proxy server and therefore there is no need for you to change either your email clients or your server. No other software is also required to be installed for each client in the corporate network. With SecExmail Gate in your system it is easy and completely threat free to deliver secured emails to your clients. This software is free to try in your computer.

SecExMail Gate is compatible with operating systems like Windows XP, Windows NT and Windows 2000. It is very easy to configure and requires no other plug-ins or client specific email software. This software has got the special feature to integrate the encryption systems easily with all your popular email clients. SecExMail Gate does not only encrypt your email messages but also ensures your message safety at the very basic protocol level. This ensures no hacker can deduce the message or examine any file attachment if sent. This software also protects your password or account information by enclosing your entire email messages in a separate tunnel. SecExMail Gate warns you against any of your attempt to disclose your password information to any third parties.

SecExMail Gate ensures that there remain no loopholes or recovery option in the encrypted messages. It can simply configure for communicating with your server and select your favorite email client to communicate with. Thus with SecExMail Gate in your system you are ensured protection against all kind of online threats and hacking of confidential data.

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