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Many of us believe in allowing people to keep their personal data safe, secure and of course, a secret. But there are those who have a nagging habit of peeping into others’ personal stuff and at most times with malicious intent. For the victims of such accidents, software developer PC Dynamics has gifted mankind SafeHouse Explorer. This one-of-a-kind software allows users to create an encrypted, and thus secure, volumes and store their personal data far away from such people who mean nothing but nuisance. To say the least, it does its job with immense success.

SafeHouse Explorer is an immensely easy to use software which guides its users through the otherwise cumbersome process of creating encrypted drives. It has a built in guide for first timers and if followed properly, it will lead to desired results in a jiffy. SafeHouse Explorer helps in securing all kinds of data storage devices ranging from hard drives to USB sticks. Once encrypted, it won't allow access to those folders without the predetermined password. It does not need to be installed and is small enough to be run from a USB stick or even the web.

It has the following amazing features which easily make it the winner in its category of software:
: state of the art encryption techniques which include 256 bit encryption, thus making the volumes virtually unbreakable,
: password protection of the encrypted drives,
: no limitation on the size of the volumes to be created which may extend upto 2TB,
: interesting interface which guides the user through the whole process,
: and all this for free!

SafeHouse Explorer proves to be the simplest and the best tool in market when it comes to creating encrypted volumes for data protection. It is only a matter of time before it is declared so, both by experts and by novices!