Remora USB-file guard

Download Remora USB-file guard

It is a very handy and a very useful tool when it comes to dealing with safety issues of your data. It’s a completely free tool which works on the mechanism of first encrypting and then compressing a file in the external storage devices. These external storage devices can be your USB or a hard disk drive. It occupies less space and memory and is very handy when it comes to safety issues. Having named after the warm water fishes of the famous Echeneide family, the Remora USB file guard works on the same mechanism that is possessed by the fishes.

Similar to the fishes, which attach themselves to the larger fishes and act as cleansers for them, the Remora USB file guard also is basically a cleaning mechanism for your external device. Just that, along with the cleansing you get an additional safety advantage with this unique software which is absolutely free and totally downloadable from the internet. What makes it different from other safety software is that after the encryption, it compresses the file after performing file encryption in your external storage device.

With the help of remora USB file guard, it is possible for you to secure not one, not two but all of your files and then store them in your external device in a compressed form so that it occupies less space and enables you to store more data than usual. This one of a kind, file guard software is absolutely free of cost, no download charges, and unlike other file guard software it comes absolutely without any spyware or any adware. The remora file guard software uses a relatively fast encryption and even faster compression process which involves a strong 128 bits technique for encryption and returns you a huge value of 50% the least compress rate so that you can store more than usual data possible.