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Privato (previously known as LogMail) is simple-to-use email encryption software. It can be web hosted, remotely hosted or hosted on a premise. It provides three types of security services: PrivateMail, PrivateMail Plus and PrivatoPOD. PrivateMail has unlimited communications between PrivateMail users, reports and a PrivateMail Address. PrivateMail Plus provides an allotment of recipient secure send/reply multi-device support. PrivatoPOD includes private direct communications, admin console and user-verification tools. Privato PrivateMail is easily deployable software with hosted options and hosted options with dedicated servers.

Unlike most services, here the recipient must have a PrivateMail account to receive private emails. This service supports unlimited private communications between its PrivateMail members. Hence Privato PrivateMail is most suitable for organizations that routinely communicate with the same address or within the organization. It uses 1024-bit asymmetric client-side message encryption using a distributed private key with 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standards (AES) symmetric encryption for secure mail. If messages are transported outside the Privato platform through SSL communication then it uses AES in 128-, 192- or 256-bit encryption depending upon the configuration of the recipient’s device configuration. It provides adequate levels of security to satisfy most compliance requirements.

This service is compatible with Outlook, Thunderbird and AppleMail. It also supports mobiles and tablets and devices with SSL 256-bit security. Secure mail tools can be accessed by the users by running PrivateMail from a USB drive on any PC privately. However, Privato does not provide mobile phone apps for running PrivateMail. They don’t have gateways or policy-based encryption. It is left up to the sender to apply the encryption. PrivatoPOD creates safe and open lines of direct communication to interact with known and authenticated recipients quite well and affordably. This technology is best suited for those looking to set up secure, private communications with recipients they often interact with or for secure communications within an organization.

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