Download Private Shell SSH Client

If you are looking for an impeccably useful, very handy and super easy to use SSH client for the Windows software, then Private shell is your definite pick. It has a wonderfully working auto configuration wizard which minimizes a whole lot of trouble from your side and lets you sit back and relax while it does all the configuring on its own. This auto working wizard will help you set up all the advanced as well as basic sessions in reference to the SSH. There is nothing to worry even if you are not friendly with the working of an SSH system, despite this fact, you can very easily work with Private shell.

You can establish contacts and connections in the wink of an eye. These connections will further use the key for public authentication and provide a very simplified tunneling of the SSH to the third party involved in the process. These third party companies include big and famous multinational companies such as Oracle, SVN, VNC, MySQL, CVS, clients linked through emails and many other software organizations, big or small. You also have a very useful and practical option of creating a SOCKS5 proxy which is very secure, with the help of Private shell. The most outstanding feature with Private shell is that it has a default configuration.

With the help of this multi functional built tool, you can connect to any SSH1 or any SSH2 server, that too in the way which would be as secure as possible. This is achieved by the support of a remote computer and by putting into use the strongest algorithm which will in turn apply a very crude encryption. Once this is done, then one can have the full fledged support for X11 forwarding as well as SSH tunneling. This way Private shell proves to be the most useful and handy encryption and compression tool.

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