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Operating system installation can be a demanding task at times and for this reason corporate officials have devised a technique which does this job quite simply. They apply a technique called disk cloning. In disk cloning, a single copy of the operating system can be installed on a large number of machines in the same or different domains from single console manned by the system administrator. But this method is not fault proof and a tiny yet intriguing problem comes up. Each machine is assigned a unique Computer Security Identifier, SID in short, when it is setup with an operating system. But in cases where disk cloning is performed, the SID number gets cloned as well resulting in several computers having the same SID number.

This brings up the problem of non-identification of machines uniquely in a domain. Having the same SID number means all of those machines will get equal rights to information which is not desired at most times. The system server won’t be able to distinguish one from the other and hence it would lead to huge problems. To cope with this disturbing problem, Mark Russinovich and Bryce Cogswell have developed NewSID. This software is capable of changing the SID number of computers in an efficient manner which solves this problem.

NewSID takes a unique approach to solve this problem. It has the following methods devised for this purpose:
: it first generates a random SID value and checks with the system database which is mostly contained in the system registry,
: it then solves the problem either by replacing the existing value by the generated one or it changes the computer name as a whole, whichever it finds more effective.

NewSID is completely free and one hundred percent error-free in its functions and hence is recommended by experts everywhere.