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Many online data storage facilities these days are luring people into thinking that their personal data is safe and hack-free as long as it stays with them on their web servers. Well, on the contrary, it is absolutely not. Experienced professionals can easily break into such online storage without breaking a sweat. Hence, to protect their personal data, users must take up appropriate measures. One such measure can be hiring the services of MyInfosafe. MyInfosafe is a brilliant software that aims at encrypting the data it is asked to protect from malicious third-party intruders. To say the least, it does a pretty good job.

Personal Information Management Ltd. gave birth to MyInfosafe which successfully helps its clients protect their sensitive data. It uses 192 bit encryption algorithms to encrypt the data. It also provides the user with the option to password-protect documents. Instead of saving data online, it encourages users to save data locally on their individual machines. It has got video tutorials to arm its users with all the useful services it provides. Users can also create multiple profiles on the same copy of the software and hence privatise his/her data even from others using the same machine.

MyInfosafe packs in the following awesome features which has lead to its immense popularity amongst the people:
● 192 bit encryption, meaning virtually unbreakable codes,
● portable backup of highly sensitive and important data can be made on USB flash drives,
● user-friendly toolbar which empowers the user with all its useful features,
● nifty little tools such as a calculator, diary for keeping track of personal stuff and a clever reminder,
● easy creation of financial statements and other important personal databases without fear of loss of data.

All these useful features packed in, MyInfosafe aims at providing the ultimate protection to its users at a very nominal price.