Download MessenPass

A password is as transient as a dream. Let’s take the following instance into consideration. For a highly motivated, career oriented librarian, keeping up with the online forums is a must. Because Library Science is a proliferating field, the number of esteemed and top ranking websites for the interaction and exchange of thoughts and ideas between professional peers are increasing day by day. Hence, the librarian needs to enroll oneself and each and every forum to keep abreast with the present developments. Yet, the ‘keeper of a plethora of information’ finds it difficult to remember all the twelve different passwords that she had set for each different website. She had tried keeping them hither and thither, scribbling on papers, noting on diaries. But the pages just seemed to get lost!
This is a common instance for most of us net users. Forgetting passwords doesn’t make us amnesiac. It just indicates how important a recovery utility tool is for us. MessenPass was that brilliant innovation that solved the problem and travails of remembering and recalling passwords.
It helps one recover the passwords for instant messenger tools like:

1) Google Talk
2) Windows Live Messenger
3) MSN messenger
4) Yahoo Messenger
5) Miranda
6) ICQ Lite
7) Trillian
8) Digsby
9)Paltalk and many more.

Only a currently logged-in user on a local computer can utilize MessenPass for its respective function. It allows the password recovery utility only for the specified instant messengers mentioned. It definitely doesn’t give you the powers to hack someone else’s passwords. It is for your own individual discretion. This program runs in your computer and automatically detects the instant messengers that are in use. Eventually, it extracts the user information and stores the password along with corresponding usernames. If the MessenPass fails to identify any instant messenger present (provided it is under the list of messengers it is programmed to identify), one can manually do the needful too. MessenPass is easy and it makes life easy.