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The internet is a storehouse of invaluable information as well as useful tools which make our lives easier. We gain access to hundreds of handy little tools which can be used for various purposes. Free software, or rather freewares, are available in plenty. They are ready to be downloaded and enjoyed. But the process may not be as smooth every time. Third party malicious users often tamper with the software or even worse, errors are introduced into their programming while being transferred from one place to another. To detect such anomalies in the software, TSoft has developed MD5 Checker. This freeware does the job detecting tampering done in software by comparing hash values with the original one provided by the manufacturer.

MD5 Checker does not need to be installed and perhaps the best characteristic of this software is that it is portable. It can be carried around in USB drive and put to use wherever desired. It works on all platforms and does not affect the registry, which is another of its interesting features. It has a simple and easy-to-use interface which guides the user through its intricate details, which is not much, as a matter of fact. MD5 Checker compares the checksum values thus separating the corrupt from the good. It has fields where the two values can be put side by side and checked.

It comes with the following key features:
: interesting graphical user interface which makes the job even simpler,
: compares and contrasts the hash value of the chosen software against that of the original one provided by the developer,
: free of cost and extremely small in size, thus enabling it to function in almost any environment.

MD5 Checker provides its users the one thing they want: verification. It is quite good at its job as is proven by its huge fanbase.

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