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Emails have become an integral part of our lives and almost all transactions, be it business or personal, are done through email. For this purpose, it becomes necessary to manage several accounts with different clients who provide such services. But the downside of this otherwise easy process is having to remember the passwords. We are always advised to maintain passwords which are hard to guess or crack by brute force attacks. But from time to time we are paid back with the same coin. We often forget passwords and this leads to a lot of trouble. To spare us from this nagging problem, NirSoft Freeware has developed a helpful software which goes by the name of Mail PassView.

Mail PassView helps us by extracting stored passwords from the hard drive of the machine at times when we forget them. It works with all major email management clients such as Outlook Express and Mozilla Thunderbird. It extracts passwords from email clients which are POP3 and IMAP enabled. It is very easy to use and does not even require installation. Opening the program is all that is to be done. It automatically does the job of password extraction from the email clients.

Mail PassView provides users with the following perks which make it one of the most desired downloads amongst them:
: user friendly interface which enables even novices to control its functionality,
: its compatibility with all major email clients proves to be a vital point for its popularity; it is compatible with email clients like Eudora, Outlook Express, Netscape, Yahoo Mail, provided the password is stored with Yahoo Messenger, Gmail if Gmail Notifier is installed, Mozilla Thunderbird and Hotmail.
: very nominal cost; in fact it is free of any cost!

Hence, Mail PassView finds immense popularity and has been able to elevate itself to the top of its category.