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The web is not a safe place nowadays. Using internet from any PC can invite threat for the PC and that’s caused due to programs mainly keyloggers, spyware or viruses. These can steal your identity by accessing and stealing information from your computer like passwords and username's. Here the software KeyScrambler Premium plays the role of a savior. Its installation procedure is really simple and its size is just 1.2 MB. Once set-up it needs to be activated by simply switching on the internet connection.

This app has proved to be a successful attempt by its developers OFX Software Corporation, located in Ormond Beach, Florida. This company was formed in 2002 and is well-known for its successful anti cyber-crime contributions. Coming to KeyScrambler Premium, this program, right at the level of the operating systems, encrypts keystrokes and thus obstructs keyloggers. After reaching the PC apps or browser, the encrypted keystrokes are decrypted by the software and are made readable for the users. The software works in the background, however, you can check if it’s functioning, looking at its system tray containing colored icons (green means off; yellow means on).

KeyScrambler Premium goes with apps like email, iTunes, browsers, password managers, chat, office productivity, Windows Logon, text editors, accounting, etc. It can take care of more than 150 applications. Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, and Windows 2003 operating systems are the ones supported by KeyScrambler Premium.

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