Download KeyGuard! Hack Proof Security

No one and nothing is safe inside and on internet in today’s world. You risk your identity every time you step into the virtual world of web. The cyber-thieves can stalk you and the worst part is you don’t even get to know about it, unless the loss has already happened. It’s high time you take strict measures to secure your account details, passwords and all the sensitive and financial data you access via internet. Here KeyGuard! Hack Proof Security is the right solution for you.

Created by a RazazWork Xtreme Development (Pakistan), this software is an anti-keylogger. It restricts the keyloggers to get hold of, or, steal the information being accessed by you on internet. Its main activity that makes this happen is its encrypting and mixing-up of the keystrokes of the users. The keystrokes remain protected and never get recorded with the usage of any hardware (like USB).

Its set-up procedure is simple and you don’t need to make any input while it takes place. The company assures total cyber-security via KeyGuard! Hack Proof Security. As per its home license it can be used in one’s residence on laptop or PC. Again personal license can be used in educational as well as non-profit organizations. It supports Windows 7, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, and Windows XP operating systems. You also get a 100% money refund company assurance in case you’re unhappy with the software. This applies for 15 days after your purchase.

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