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Passwords are everywhere these days. They are possibly the only escape route out of the dangerous world where data is being stolen every now and then. They protect our data from being abducted by electronic thieves and provide us with a sense of security that helps us get a good night’s sleep. But, like everything else, it has its downside. Once lost, passwords can be hard to recover. Without them, our documents will refuse to open and the whole purpose of having passwords will be defeated. For this nuisance alone, software developer Password Finder has come up with a clever solution, the Instant Password Finder.

Instant Password Finder is a Windows program that searches the machine for hidden password files. It scans the whole system and studies the files which could possibly contain username-password duos. If it finds any such file, it will read the data and create a report containing the username and/or password. Most of the time, the password files are encrypted for its own safety. Instant Password Finder decrypts those files and extracts the usernames and/or passwords.

Instant Password Finder has the following interesting characteristics which make it such an efficient tool to have in the shed:
○ it works for stored passwords of MSN MEssenger, Yahoo, Hotmail, Windows Live Messenger and various other website logons,
○ it does not require installation; it can be simply handled from its user interface,
○ it produces report in the HTML format, meaning ease of handling and viewing.

For people who deal with dozens of passwords everyday, it can prove to be a very useful tool. They can easily recover passwords which they forget without experiencing the slightest hassle. All the person needs to do is tell Instant Password Finder to scan the machine and extract possible usernames and passwords from its depths.