Hidden Tray Folder

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Perhaps the most irritating thing in the whole world is someone watching over your shoulders whatever it is you are trying to do. Besides being irritating, it becomes a security risk in cases where people try to do confidential work. In such cases it becomes necessary to hide sensitive documents somewhere on the screen so that it serves two purposes: they can be accessed easily and they cannot be seen by others. Titlebar Software has come up with the perfect solution: (Hidden) Tray Folder. This software performs this necessary yet neglected job in a fine manner.

(Hidden) Tray Folder functions through a tray icon located in the lower right corner. On left clicking the icon, it brings up various options which help in the functionality of the software. It has got two modes of operation. One is the password protected mode and the other is the unprotected mode. In the protected mode, the software offers to protect files and folders. The user can also choose to switch to unprotected mode whenever desired. The tray icon provides access to the interface which is not explicitly shown. The user has to navigate through the intricate details in order to avail its services.

On the whole, (Hidden) Tray Folder provides its users with the following attractive features:
● hides files from the public view and also prevents access to them,
● two modes of operation: protected and unprotected mode make it a powerful software with a wide range of capabilities,
● it includes options for clever little reminders as well as a calendar which makes even more interesting,
● small size of the software makes it flexible and runs on most machines.

Finally, (Hidden) Tray Folder allows us to achieve file and folder hiding without much hassle. With its file hiding capabilities it can easily claim the number one spot in its category, in quite a short range of time.