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Computer security is a very important part of computing and needs to be looked after with utmost care and interest. One of the important aspects is the security of files. Since we spend a lot of time over the internet, which is highly unreliable as we have learnt over the years, files sent through the internet needs to be encrypted for their own security. One of the best encrypting software currently doing rounds in the market is the HashMaker. Developed by Andriy Fetsyuk, a computer security software developer and expert, HashMaker encrypts files and helps in their secured transmission through an insecure line of connection where malicious third party users await us with cruel intentions.

File hashes are made with the help of a hash key. HashMaker integrates advanced algorithms which encrypt the files which are meant to be. It supports hashing technologies such as md5, sha512, sha384, sha256 and sha1. Once installed it incorporates itself with the Windows shell and hence provides comprehensive support for the files which need to be sent over an unreliable connection. It makes file hashes with the help of hash keys which are necessary in order to create the encrypted formats of the respective files. It is also capable of creating checksums of files and checking them in order to estimate their integrity.

HashMaker integrates the following features which make it a leading technology in this category of software: it has advanced algorithms which successfully create hashes of files and ensure their safety in transmission over the internet, it also checks the hash values to make sure the pieces of files are in order and the checksum which indicate the integrity of the data of the files, it is free! In short, this small piece of tool does a tremendous job of offering protection to files.