Download Gili usb stick encryption

Gili stick is becoming very popular every day as it is a small tiny stick very handy and easy to carry anywhere around the world. You can also keep it in your pocket and travel anywhere. Though it is tiny but it can vary important documents in it. And so if you want your important documents to remain confidential and not to fall in bad hands you need to protect it by storing it. However it is comparable to windows 7.Gili usb stick encryption helps you to protect it by creating a new password which you can only use when you have the pen drive and no one else.

This small stick is easy to use. You can just connect it in any pc and store your data as the program removes everything and then choose a size secured area foe the password and then press install. After you are done with all this it will ask you to choose a password which is required every time whenever you open secured area in future and you should remember it in the future.

Once you enter your password the secured area opens and you can save your confidential documents in it you can check it out online as normally as you would do in a normal pen drive. After you are done it is necessary to close it. Do not forget. However it is important to know that the area must be closed if you want to change your password or uninstall your area. It helps you by providing you with a reliable security for your pen drive so that only you can have access to it and no one else. This program is easy to install and uninstall for all users. This program also erases all data while installing and uninstalling. However there is no offline help available to us.


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