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Ghost Keylogger is a surveillance software application used to know what a user would have done on a system where it was installed. As the name indicates, it captures all the key strokes typed in during a particular session or time period and has the functionality to send the report of the key strokes, secretly via an email. This tool basically monitors the keystrokes and tracks all the websites that a user has visited. It is as simple as that. Apart from plain capturing, this product also offers the option of filtering certain keystrokes like the enter key or Tab key.

Though there are many features listed in the product specimen, except the logging of keystrokes, many of the other features are not consistent in their performance. The reporting of the activities through email services was not successful many times and there are reports of tool crashing down. The report of the keystroke has the time and date fields, which is rightly formatted and complete. Apart from the keystroke reports, we find that the other features are incomplete and inconsistent.

This tool is basically designed for the Windows environment and can support Windows NT, 2000, and XP OS flavors. The publishers of this tool, SureShot is not currently supporting this product and there have been no updates for many months. The crashing of the application is a main concern and above that, finding that  there is no support from the publishers make us to think couple of times before downloading this tool for surveillance purpose.

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