Download Expat Shield

This is an excellent program for British people living in a foreign country and that misses the way they used to watch TV back at home. Expat Shield is a Virtual Private Network tool that makes it possible to access websites of UK television such as ITV and BBC iPlayer even when one is outside of the nation. These services are allowed for access to only those who reside within UK. With this handy tool, it is possible to overcome this restriction. It routes your computer’s IP address through an IP address of UK so that it feels like you are in the UK, no matter wherever you are.

This simple and free software gives you an UK IP address so that you can privately and anonymously access the blocked content. Now you can enjoy those favorite shows of yours sitting anywhere in the world. Due to its extraordinary and useful ability, the tool is getting increasingly popular among people and used in about 100 countries worldwide. The program is very small and takes very little time to install. It is accessible through a system tray icon which gives you the ability to set language options, connection status display and other menu items.

Using it is equally simple. Just enter the address of BBC website in your browser and open the iPlayer. Just choose the program that you would like to watch and you find the iPlayer playing it. You can also rewind and skip easily. Not only the television shows, you can surf other websites that require an UK IP address for browsing content. The program secures your data, web session, personal information and online shopping transactions using the HTTPS encryption technology.  The program requires very less system resources to function and hence you will face no loss of performance or compromised speed of surfing at all. This amazing security software even protects you against hackers keeping your system and information secure. This is the best free solution if you are looking for accessing blocked UK sites!


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