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Computer security is an important concern these days with the advent of malicious users who go by the general name of hackers. Hackers try and steal important information from a particular computer or a network or even a website. Hence to protect the important information from the harassment caused by hackers, they better be encrypted. A lot of encryption algorithms are available in the market but the most desired one perhaps is DP Hash Portable. Developed by Dirk Paehl, a computer security tool developer, it is built with the most advanced features which ensure maximum security from the attempts made by hackers in between the source and destination.

DP Hash Portable supports all major algorithm types which are involved in the job of creating hashes of files. Hashing means encrypting, in short. It involves the encryption of important files and folders and other data so that their integrity can be verified once they are transmitted through unreliable network connections. It supports technologies like CRC16, SHA1, MD5, Tiger, Whirlpool, Square, BMW256 and many more. It also creates file hashes to make sure the pieces of the same file are received properly and thus maintains data integrity. The basic aim is to ensure the safe and secure transmission of data through to the intended recipients without being meddled by others.

DP Hash Portable has the following key features integrated in to it to make sure maximum efficiency and powerful results: state of the art algorithms used in hashing and encrypting the files, advanced algorithms and extended features supporting all major algorithms involved in hashing, interface designed for the ease of use by even novices and it is totally free of cost! All in all, DP Hash Portable is the surely the best with all the features mentioned above and delivers what it promises.