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DataMotion SecureMail is an email encryption service that secures emails and attachments. It also provides safe methods for transferring personal  and health information. This software is easy to use and helps against theft or accidental exposure of data. It includes filters that are configurable so that you can encrypt your emails before they are sent. The inbuilt pre-configured filters keep your emails safe all the time. This email security service provides various tools across platforms like PC, Mac and Smartphone’s. It’s compatible with various email software’s and can directly be linked to Gmail, Outlook and Lotus.

DataMotion SecureMail is an unmatched security software. In terms of security, there are a number of encryption methods like SSL, SSH and AES. It also supports multiple identification methods. The encryption can be done at multiple points like desktop, gateway, mail server or cloud. The filtering tools can scan over 300 types of attachment files. It supports 11 different languages and makes the recipient experience easy and convenient. The recipients just have to log in once and create an account after which they can access and send encrypted emails endlessly.

However, this is not all! DataMotion SecureMail includes a number of administrative tools. There are a number of preset policies that meet the medical and financial requirements as well. Overall DataMotion is a perfect software to keep all the company details secure along with other propriety information and helps to build confidence with the client. The user interface is good and easy to use which makes it a top choice for email security.

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