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CoffeeCup LockBox is a fantastic security software program developed by CoffeeCup Software’s. This software program gives you the complete security for all your login IDs, passwords, unique access keys and valuable information. CoffeeCup LockBox is an encryption software program who is responsible for encrypting all your personal details and storing them in a secure place so that no one can access those information’s without your permission. This software program encrypts all your data in uncrackable 448-bit encryption and you don't need to remember complicated user IDs, passwords and access codes. It allows you to access your E-mail accounts, bank accounts, online transactions very securely and easily. This software program is also a kind of password generator which generates highly secure and strong passwords for your applications and stores them in the database.

CoffeeCup LockBox has been specifically designed for those users who find difficulty in remembering user Ids and passwords. This software product relieves you from this burden by maintaining a complete database of your stored information’s. You can categorize your information into several groups like school, office, bank etc. This software will manage each and every group separately. The most beautiful feature this software program is you can export all your information’s to PDF, CSV or XML file formats. It also includes the portability features.

To install this software program you need to have any of the following operating systems: Windows 7/8, Windows XP/Vista. No additional requirements are there. After the installation you will be able to manage all your personal details very securely and efficiently. The unique features of this program includes: shareability of accounts, clipboard content deletion on exit or fixed time interval, nested group support for better organization, built in email facility, minimize to systray for quick access, built in search facility, customizable display and many more. In addition to all these it also provides a intuitive interface which makes it easier to access and manage.

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