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CoDefender 2008 is an elegant anti-keylogger software that protects users as they navigate through the World Wide Web of networked computers. It scrambles and encrypts all keystrokes, foiling keylogger applications and leaving them with a bunch of gibberish instead of personal information and credit card numbers. CoDefender 2008 can be installed and uninstalled with ease and runs without draining out vital system resources and memory.

CoDefender 2008’s graphical interface can be accessed using the system tray. There, the users are able to configure preferences and settings, designate the apps they wish to protect, start-up options and more. The software succeeds in providing out-of-the-box security for a wide variety to products that include Microsoft Office and most Internet browsers. CoDefender 2008 is equipped with a complete and well written help file.

CoDefender 2008 successfully scrambles keystrokes and encrypts data. The software has made a name for itself owing to its Universal Anti-Keylogging Protection modules. They scramble, encrypt and secure information even when malware's have compromised the PC. The software automatically protects a wide variety of applications like communication applications, accounting softwares and a lot others. Overall, CoDefender 2008 is a well developed software and is certainly worth a try. It would stay true to all expectations. This is what makes it so special.

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