Burn Protector Workgroup

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The burn protector Workgroup is a software that provides security management services to the protected computers. Actually it gives the permission to burn CD/DVD Blu-ray from the computers those are protected by this particular software. It protects data and secret information from unauthorized burning process. After implementing this very software in a particular machine nobody can burn or get anything from it without the help of its secured burning interface. Through this high security management system it prevents data or information and secret resources from being licked out or theft.

The only way to install this Burn Protector software is either install it via any software management console nor any third party preparation by the using of any software preparation MSI package. The protection of any computers burning folders and users' permission can be set only through a secure software console. A secure as well as easy to use network administration is being provided by this security management software along with auto discovery, auto scanning, reports, actions, export capabilities and database support are also included in it’s the service providing activities. But the main work is being done with it is taking burning materials and change the configuration of the protected computers and that helps network administrators to keep an eye on the protected computers.

Operating systems like windows7, all the versions of xp and vista are able to install burn protector Workgroup’s software into their systems to prevent illegal burning process along with providing protection to specific files and folders. . The one only option to access those protected computers and get burning permission to go through its personal interface only. The other features of this service management software enable client protection service and may stats an unstoppable mode option. Automatic active protection discovery and scanning of protected computers are also getting support from this security management software.