Anti-Piracy Tools 2004 Professional

Download Anti-Piracy Tools 2004 Professional

Anti-Piracy Tools 2004 Professional is a much needed software protection system tool for protecting the integrity and availability of applications developed. This application protection tool ensures proper license management and handles the big problem of illegal serial numberings in software by intelligently disabling them. This piracy protection tool offers a great protection to the intellectual property rights of the manufactures. This tool is specifically designed for those applications which require an access to the internet.

This application consists of a client and a server part. The client part shall be installed on the clients system and is really smart. The server part of the tool is required to be installed on the Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS). This IIS server will be hosted on the application hosted domain, which will be under the control of the distributors of the application. Any request from the client machines will be first received by the server part of the tool in the IIS server, which contains all the valid client’s details in its database store. It makes a live check for the validity of the request from the client based on the license key values. If the request from the client is with a valid license key, the request is entertained. Otherwise an appropriate message is send back to the client

The client component of this tool is real smart. Whenever the end application to be protected against piracy is started, the client part of this tool sends the registration code along with the hash value of the end users system hardware. The server checks for the validity of both the registration key and hardware hash and based on the registration validity, will send an OK as response, or will block the registration code, returning the client with an appropriate message. This tool is compatible on all flavors of Microsoft OS. There is a free to try version for a limited period. Any small to medium size application developers can easily configure their application to protect themselves against piracy thefts. All network based applications can achieve solid protection at a nominal cost by using this tool.