Adult PDF Password Recovery

Download Adult PDF Password Recovery

Adult PDF Password Recovery is an encryption utility that claims to recover or help regain access to secured PDF files that have been encrypted or implied with password protection. This tool is compatible with Adobe Acrobat files and is capable of removing the password and decrypting the encrypted PDF documents so that you can access or edit the contents of the PDF file.

Generally, password protected or encrypted files cannot be accessed. The password protection ensures that you cannot print, change, copy, or even select the content within the file. This applies to all content within the file such as annotations as well as form fields. Once decrypted with this utility, the document can be easily opened with the Adobe Reader or any other compatible viewer tool. And there would be no restrictions, whatsoever, with regards to editing or manipulating the contents within the tool. This utility offers support for all the different versions of Adobe Acrobat files. You can also implement it in even in version 5 of this software that comes integrated with the 128 bit encryption capability.

Sometimes, there would be two levels of password and decryption that can be applied to a PDF document. One level is where the password is implemented just to gain access to the file or for opening it. The next level is where the file can be opened, but editing and manipulating the contents within requires the execution of the next password. This tool assures to offer the capability to overcome both levels of security implementation. You can also execute the decryption or password removal function from the command line. You can check out the functionalities of this utility using its free trial version. However, this offers limited usage and can be used to decrypt only half a page; moreover, the output is instilled with a watermark image. This tool is supported in all versions of Windows operating systems.