Active@ Kill Disk - Hard Drive Eraser

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It often becomes necessary to permanently delete data from the hard drive or a floppy disk and merely hitting the Delete button does not do the job. Apparently the item gets deleted but not completely. Even after removing it from the Recycle Bin, it continues to dwell on the user’s machine, very secretly. In cases where the user needs to make a resale of his hard drive and it previously happened to contain sensitive data, it becomes a security risk on his part. To counter this problem, LSoft Technologies Inc. has come up with a brilliant solution. Active@ Kill Disk - Hard Drive Eraser is the brainchild of this company and needless to say, it does the job it born to do.

The process of deleting a file from the hard drive or from a floppy disk involves a series of steps. Once the user deletes it from his Recycle Bin as well, it continues to leave a copy of itself on the disk. Until and unless it is shredded completely or it becomes overwritten with other files, it simply refuses to go away. Active@ Kill Disk - Hard Drive Eraser manages to destroy every single such zombie files by overwriting them again and again with predetermined files. This is done by following shredding techniques such as Gutmann’s method of destruction of data and another such method which LSoft Technologies call the One Pass Zeros method. These result in an all round deletion of data on the selected drives.

Clever little features such as the following make it an efficient file shredder:
● complete cleansing of disks by a simple Wipe function,
● low level disk access technique to delete data,
● completely free!

It is a highly recommended software in its category and will continue to reign as a leader for quite some time in the near future as is evident from its popularity.