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Abylon Reader is a free to use plug-in utility that is offered for Explorer and guarantees to secure your PC through verification, decryption, and unpacking of a wide array of signed and encrypted files. This encryption utility offers support for a host of files including CRP, CR2, PK7, VSP7, and P7M. Some of the other prominent features offered by this utility are a secure delete option, a certificate manager feature that allows you to create your own certificates, support for smart cards, etc. And all this can be accomplished easily and quickly from the context menus in Windows.

With the enhanced awareness on the need to secure files through verification and certification processes to authenticate applications and downloads; it is imperative to have a security software that will help you decrypt and unpack certifications and encrypted files. And this is where this tool claims to offer you an advantage. The tool comes with an Indexed and extensive Help feature that allows you to understand all the features and functionalities offered by this tool. Designed and developed by abylonsoft; this utility offers implementation through a simple right click.

Moreover, there are other features that are considered significant such as the shell menu integration; encryption certification with asymmetrical hybrid options and wipe levels; Selfcert tool to create customized certificates with Serial Number, Alias, and RSA keys; ability to import certificates from interface; quick desktop access from system tray; etc. The tool’s accessibility features are something that makes it distinctive when compared to its contemporaries. You can access the tool’s functionalities by right clicking the file or folder within the Explorer window; initiate the program from the system tray; or open it using the toolbar that you can custom-create on the desktop. This tool can be implemented for all Windows platforms such as Windows 2000, 7, 8, XP, and Vista versions.

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