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AbsolutePrivacy – Budget is an accounting and billing software developed by Idiesse snc. Idiesse snc is one of the major producers of business software. AbsolutePrivacy – Budget is basically Encryption – protected Personal Information Manager that facilitates the users to keep their data protected and secured.  AbsolutePrivacy – Budget acts as a budget manager for the users who want their budgets to be undisclosed.  This software protects the important financial data of users by providing password protection facilities and an exclusive amalgamation of measures and options. This helps to keep the important data highly protected from third parties.

When the users need to view any information, this software allows only required data to be decrypted in the volatile memory (RAM) and shown to the users. The remaining database remains encrypted and out of sight to the intruders. This allows an extreme level of security to the budget data. If the user makes any changes in the data, after it is edited, it passes through the encryption filter prior to storage in the database. The database is allowed total and permanent encryption. The users find it safe and remain tension free as they are assured of an intense and high level of security of their financial information by this application.

AbsolutePrivacy – Budget is very simple to install and it is compatible with Windows XP, windows 7 and Windows 8. It needs no other additional requirements. It is a very user friendly application and easy to operate.  In addition to budget manager, it provides other features as well such as it can save contacts in a list, have a calendar, to - do task list, maintain a diary and acts as a confidential data (password) manager. This software also helps in budget calculations at an increased pace with the help of improved algorithm available in this software. These features make this software a very handy tool.  

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