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Managing important and confidential files and folders is a daunting task in today’s world where numerous tools are available to accomplish malicious tasks. The way out of this is to hide them from the public view. Though operating systems provide users with the option to perform such tasks, they can be easily bypassed. Hence the need for a software which can take care of this security threat. Q Software Inc. has come up with the perfect solution. It has developed 1st File Hider, a very attractive and useful tool which deals with this problem very effectively.

1st File Hider incorporates all the important features of a good file hiding software. It successfully hides files and folders whenever asked for. It can encrypt the files and protect them with passwords to make sure that maximum security is established. It has got an excellent user interface and useful buttons flashing the options to lock and unlock files and folders, all at the click of a button. Whenever someone tries to access your sensitive files, 1st File Hider will begin by authenticating the user. It asks for the password with which the document is protected. If the person comes up with the correct keyword, well and good. But on failure to do so, it will record all the details the user enters and send them over to the actual owner of the file.

With the following features in its bag, 1st File Hider promises to win over more and more people as the days pass by:
● easy handling of the interface and buttons,
● objects can be locked securely by simply dragging them over to the interface and dropping them there,
● small size and extensive online support make it even more user friendly.

1st File Hider manages to deliver what it promises, in an effective and user-friendly manner.