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It often becomes an utter necessity to set the time and date stamp of files being created. Be it for competition purposes or business purposes, tampering with the timestamp of files and folders has become a legit task many are willing to do. To make it a child’s play, software developer 12Ghosts has come up with the all new 12Ghosts FileDate. This brand new software is capable of almost anything when it comes to defining the timestamp of files. It can perform a host of tasks, ranging from setting the last time when a particular file was modified to changing the attributes of a file.

12Ghosts FileDate implements clever techniques to perform the tasks many other softwares in its category find it hard to do. With the options this software offers, it becomes really easy to modify the time and date stamp of files, folders and subfolders. If someone chooses to hide the real date and time when a particular file was last accessed, he/she can just change the settings of the file through 12Ghosts FileDate. It has a wonderful user interface and anybody can go through it to find how easy the task can be.

12Ghosts FileDate features the following which makes it a first choice for many users who are involved in this tricky business:
● it supports command line arguments which seems attractive to traditional users,
● it is capable of saving settings into separate files which can be retrieved in the future,
● small size and free versions make it worth a try!

To sum it up, 12Ghosts has been successful in building a software which is in much demand. Not only that, it has produced 12Ghosts FileDate keeping the long range of users in mind and hence its popularity. It proves to be a handy little tool, especially when it comes to software publishing.

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