Download Desktop Lock Business Edition

There are times when you may feel vulnerable in terms of privacy and at times it becomes a nightmare for you. Your nightmare is what forced us into action and hence gladly a present for you is the near perfect solution in Desktop Lock Business Edition.

The software provides an easy to use interface to lock your desktop and protect it from spying eyes. The "Virtual Screen" tool limits the access to other people. The applications and folders which you specify only those can be accessed by others. The virtual screen is nothing but a virtual desktop which you can customize for various users. A new locking system is used to ensure that the keyboard and mouse are locked and cannot be accessed under the specific conditions. The feature also allows you to play any video or such media files with the system locked.  Sharing the same system with such a degree of privacy has never been done before.

The software is compatible with every recent release of Windows such as windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista or windows 8. Privilege management for your system is just a few key presses way. It is specifically what a system administrator would ask for.

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