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With the profoundness of the internet and the user base only increasing exponentially every year, softwares are being made in such a way that they are running when the user is logged on to the internet. This software is rather web based and works in perfect harmony when the user has an internet connection. This can be classified under the single sign on product that is web-based. The software supports ASP,, J2EE as well other background applications such as PHP and many others. The new tradition of having run the software online.

This gives the founding accompanies a chance to increase their user base as well as have the users stay updated about the littlest possible things that can result in the improvement of the software and reaching out of the software and its advantages among its users seem very easy. It basically turns out something which is a win win for both the sides. The software works best and fits the descriptions perfectly because it ends up working in the same way as a reverse-proxy. The software has very easy functionalities as such and they require the least amount of modifications to cater its functionalities to the existing applications as a whole.

The interface facilitates enough ease in the human-computer interaction making it extremely easy for using it effectively. The changes in the configuration of the software need to be done without restarting it. Numerous background applications playing at the back-end of ZSSO have the same credentials among the users to share. User credentials and information are usually stored in the database or LDAP as such. The signing out or signing in or even web access logging and access statistics form an integral part. The access control is performed using the user plus url or user and application.

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