Xtractix For IMail Server

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Xtractix For IMail Server is a corporate security software program developed by GCIS. This security software program has been specifically designed to work with corporate mail server softwares available in the market. Xtractix For IMail Server allows you to install premium antivirus or antimalware protection at minimal investment. This software program is very simple to administer and most importantly the protection level grows as your organization grows i.e., it is highly dynamic and autocompatible in nature, which makes it completely different from other Imail security software program available in the market. This software program aggressively detects viruses and malwares and removes them smartly without affecting your Imail Server a bit. Hence it provides the best security for your Imail server.

As this is a corporate security software program it has been designed specifically keeping in mind the requirements of corporate sectors. It is necessary for every organization to maintain their own mail server for business purpose and here also come the requirement for good antivirus and anti malware programs. Xtractix For IMail Server has been specifically designed to meet the requirement of dynamic organizations as it can auto upgrade itself according to the need. These features of this software program make it completely different from other software programs and make it best among them.

To install this software program for your organization you need to have any of the following operating systems: Windows 7/8, Windows XP/Vista, Windows 2000/NT/server 2003 or IPswIMail 8. Install this security software program in your Imail server and get relaxed about all kind of virus and malware issues. The interactive user interface gives it added advantage and makes this software program to manage easily. So if you are thinking of installing an Imail server for your organization and want to have secure and efficient service, don't forget to install Xtractix IMail Server software program which will provide complete security against all viruses and malware programs.