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xbasics Ulinzi is a corporate security software program developed by xbasics. This software program has been specifically designed for development of FISMA (Federal Information Security Management Act) based Certification & Accreditation analysis and documentation. xbasics Ulinzi provides you the opportunity of direct implementations for NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) standards and guidelines according to the requirements of FISMA. It implements the two major steps required for FISMA effort: security categorization of information system and the development and analysis of a set of compliant security controls. This software program focuses on the activities needed to implement any federal information system. The information system of the security categorization and the information serviced makes the respective security impact level.

xbasics Ulinzi is a typical information system controller program specifically designed to meet the service and security requirements of corporate organizations. It configures and manages the information systems of small and large organizations. The security controls of the given information system defines the operational, managerial and technical security requirement which makes the base of the information system. For the simplification of overall processes in analysis and development of activities it provides several tools.

To install and work with this software program you need to have any of the following operating system: Windows 7/8, Windows XP/Vista. Additionally you require installing Microsoft .NET framework 2.0/3.0 and windows installer version 3.0. The basic features of this program are: direct NIST implementation, reusability of previous work through templates and projects, Access to documents through FISMA document viewer, no need for external database systems and easy software updates. This software program is a new tool to speed up, simplify and help users to produce set of compliant FISMA security controls. xbasics Ulinzi provides complete NIST data and information. It provides an intuitive user interface which makes this software program easier to access and manage. So this is an ideal security software program to choose.