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The number of people using Windows operating system is increasing day by day. A large section of people who are introduced to the wonders of the Windows operating system easily shift their loyalties over to the side. It is not without reason and this popularity of the operating system is not a fluke. With the high quality of services offered to the users along with the safety and security, it easily ranks as an operating system for the people. The safety and security provided by Windows is even enhanced by the presence of software like Windows Security Officer. Developed and published by SSS Lab, Windows Security Software adds much more to the security services already provided by Windows.

On installing Windows Security Software, it blends itself with the environment of the existing operating system, which is a version of the Windows. Its settings get integrated with those of Windows and yet it operates completely freely, without suffering any kind of interference from the system. It does not affect the system either. It provides security and access control to the various parts of the operating system. Security features like password protection, logon time password, time based operation are all provided by this amazing software.

Windows Security Software has the following security features which make it a recipe for instant success amongst a whole range of security enthusiasts all over the world: it can protect the computer from unauthorized access by asking for password whenever a user logs on to the system, it can determine the type of files a user is allowed to access, it can also determine the time limit for which a user is allowed to be logged in, upon the completion of which the machine shuts itself down. Overall, Windows Security Software is a great security tool which lets owners get a good night’s sleep.

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