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For companies where internet access is shared amongst all of the employees, it becomes necessary to monitor traffic and restrict access to particular resources. It is a matter of company security that employees be disallowed to visit certain sites or access certain data. System administrators face typical problems regarding this issue and hence desperately seek solutions which would make their lives easier. Software developer Entensys has come up with UserGate Proxy and Firewall which helps administrators with this section of their job quota. With UserGate Proxy and Firewall at their service, system admins feel much more relaxed.

The basic job of UserGate Proxy and Firewall is to monitor internet traffic in the network, maintain access strategies, fixing the list of sites and type of resources employees are allowed to visit and protecting the local network from external threats and attacks like those of viruses, worms, malware and trojans. It has a database which it updates from time to time to comply with the agreed standards and identify and protect the system from the latest kinds of attacks. Malicious users often try to break into company networks and steal important and vital information but with UserGate Proxy and Firewall installed in the system their attempts at such activities often become a failure.

To sum up the amazing features of this otherwise simple software, it can be said that: it has a double layered firewall protection which effectively blocks external threats and attacks, it performs filtering of URL’s in order to block illicit websites from disturbing the user, it allows VPN settings and hence provides support for setting up local networks without a worry, it is quite small in size and hence does not have high demands for system requirements. UserGate Proxy and Firewall proves to be a leader in its category, by its sheer strength and able services.

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