Download USB Lock RP

USB Lock RP is data leakage prevention (DLP) tool designed and developed by Advanced Systems.  This tool effectively prevents information loss in a set up of shared and networked PC’s by its proactive prevention features available. The tool helps you to control unauthorized use of USB devices and other removable devices like the CD’s and DVD’s.

This network security application enables you to control USB access on all systems in a networked environment from a central control system. It works on a remote fashion and provides control to you as an administrator to decide on the inflow and outflow of traffic from removable devices in to the systems. This tool also provides you facility to issue status report for all systems on the network with respect to the removable media.  Also it can report on the log details about number of attempts to copy data from systems to the external media.  This tool ensures that the other USB port devices like the printer, scanner and the mouse are not affected by the restrictions imposed on the USB drives.

The tool ensures that the USB drive policies implemented on the systems are effective even if the systems are disconnected from the network. It provides feature to include your organization logo in to any alert screens provided to the user.  There is support for network wide VID and VID-PID matches for authorizations in environments where the user base is very large.  The tool also allows you to do sub-net wise management of policy implementation, a feature very useful in large organization with multiple group based roles. There is a fifteen day trial version available, which is very little time to analyze the features of such important tool. This tool occupies around five MB of disk space and can work on all Windows based Operating systems.

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